Vendor card and Resource Card syncronization


I am participating in project to migrate from NAV 5.0 to NAV 2009. In our old environment we were able to change resource card details and the related vendor card is automatically created and updated. In our new environment (NAV 2009 R2 - classic client) this is not happening (Vendor needs to be created manually and contact information is not sincronized between cards)

Anybody knows how to enable this feature in NAV 2009?


Hi Williams,

This functionality does not exist as standard functionality in NAV. Not in NAV 2009 and not in NAV 5.0. If it worked in your old version, then it might have been functionality developed just to your company or an add-on. There is no relationship between Vendors and Resources and neither can resources be purchase.

But I’m a little confused if you actual mean the Contact table? You say Resource but also talk about “contact information”. And synchronization between the Vendors and Contacts is standard!

To enable this you need to make sure that the Business Relationship codes are setup correctly in the Synchronization tab of the Marketing Setup table.