Vendor bank account details report


I am new to NAV! I need to run a report in order to see all bank details of all vendors. When I run a Vendor data base report I can only see the account but not IBAN, SWIFT code etc.

Maybe anyone knows where could I run such a report? I assume it is possible to retrieve this data as long as it does exist in the system.

Thanks in advance!

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Which version of Navision you are using ?

Kindly check on vendor card the data exist for bank detail or not ?

Thank you Amol! We are using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Yes, we enter all bank details when we create a vendor. This is done by clicking on Bank Accounts on the Action Pane. It seems though that only the information entered on vendor form show on the report. Any idea how I can have the details entered on Bank Accounts show as well?

Thanks in advance!

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There is no such report in standard, but the existing vendor base data report can be extended (customized) to show the bank details as well.

Thanks a lot for your answer!