Vendor Balance = 0 but balance (LCY) <> 0

Have a scenario that after application, the vendor ledger entry is fully applied with the (foreign) amount = 0 but the amount LCY is not zero.

This is due to the conversion into LCY currency which is ok.

But how do you clear this off, so that both the amount and the amount LCY = 0.

Any idea of a batch function to clear this for all vendors affected?


Report 595, Adjust Exchange Rates, should do the trick.

but i can’t do it selectively for 1 customer/vendor card, cause if you run the adjust currency, it it affect all customer and all transactions.

I would like to retain the original forex for my transaction except for this problem with 1 customer/ vendor.

Not even applying a filter on the customer/vendor card?

Sorry, I was looking at a customized report.

If you have report design and a bit of skill in managing reports, open the report in design mode, click on Customer and hit Shift+F4 to access the dataitem properties; on ReqFilterFields in place of write No. (dot included). Do the same with Vendor.

Save and compile