Vendor Aging Report

I have a spec for AX 2012 where I need to include un-posted vendor transactions in the Vendor Aging Report. I figured I’ll add a parameter for the End User to check when they want this inclusion. I know how to make and check against the parameter, but what would be the best way to make the inclusion?

Thanks in advanced

Vendor aging report displays unsettled vendor transactions. The point here is how will you get the vendor transactions when they are unposted. The requirement must be something different and i will suggest you not to modify standard report rather create a different report based on it.


That’s along the lines of what I was asking. I’m still fairly new to AX development. The spec calls for me to modify the existing report. Does it seem like an unreasonable or useless requisite?

If the client is asking then this requirement is reasonable. [8-|]

By defination, aging means that something which the company has t pay or to collect is a given time frame and that’s why we create aging bucket.

I will suggest you to re-check the requirement and look for some alternative.


Thanks Pranav. The requirements are correct. I guess I’ll start venturing into other options.

So much to learn…[:D]