Vendor, Accounts Payble Posting--imp

Hi All,

Im new in Dynamics Finance module, I have doubt on Vendor Posting Profile, In Vendor Posting Profile

we have Summary A/c, Settle Acct, Arrival Acct, Offset Acct, .Can any body explain wat exactly is this with example.

is it a Asset Acct , Bank Acct, Liablity Acct , i??? if I need to create this Acct in Chat of Acct , which head i will create???

The summary account is where the liability sits after the processing of the invoice until it is paid.

The settlement account relates to the cash flow forecasting process.

The arrival account is hit when an unapproved vendor invoice is posted.

The offset account is used when unapproved invoices are updated via the invoice register.

Thanks Adam for soloution,

I hava doubt on chart of Acct set up,

in this case Both Arrival Acct and Offset Acct will come under Liability???

In reality yes because they are waiting approval, but are still invoices. I suggest you process through transactions to trigger the entrues and then track them back.