Vendor Accounts in AX 2009

Dear All,

I have a list of Vendor Masters that needs to uploaded in AX. But the issue is all the vendors are given under an head like Vendor for goods, Vendor for Transport etc. what is to be done in the above scenario??

Please help!!!

Thanks in Advance


Like you, I am not sure about what you mean by the above statement.

Before even starting with data import, first get clarification from whoever gave you this data; then confirm and get the sign off about the scope of this import.


What i meant was one heading is given like CREDITORS FOR EXPORTS, CREDITORS FOR TRANSPORT, CREDITORS FOR GOODS. etc. under this heading there are some names of vendors. Now where in AX we will get the breakup that ABC creditor belongs to which kind of creditor??

It means the creditors are grouped under different categories. You need to make use of vendor groups. Create vendor groups and assign the group to vendor during your data import or manual entry of data…

You need to have mapped the legacy data and discussed with the client how these map to AX. Otherwise it will not be correct. Sit with the client and discuss the requirements and the structure of the legacy data and then how conversions or data alterations need to be made.