Vendor 1099 Misc. Report coming up empty.

Were getting ready for sending out 1099 statements and everytime I run report 10112 - Vendor 1099 Misc. it comes up empty no matter what year I put in under the option tab.

If I run report 10110 - Vendor 1099 Information report for 2008 I get 7 pages of Vendor Miscellaneous Income information so I know there’s information there.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Greg,

I don’t have the mentioned reports (must be US version) but can you check the vendor and see if there is a different Pay-to Vendor in the invoicing tab.


The Pay-to Vendor No. is the same as the Vendor card no.


What 1099 code is on the vendor card? Report 10112 id for MISC only. There are other reports for DIV -10109, INT-10111

On the Vendor Card on the Payment tab under 1099 Code it says MISC.


Just MISC alone is not valid for the report. it should be MISC-XX with the XX indicating the box it should print in. Most regular 1099 vendors are MISC-03 or MISC-02 i can’t remember. So look at the report section and the 1099 form and then see what box you want it in.

You will need to modify the report to accept the MISC code and then map it to one of the other valid codes for the box you want. Or expand the Array and add the new field array to the report.

You will also have to change the setfilter:

ProcessInvoices(PaymentEntry : Record “Vendor Ledger Entry”)
{ search for invoices paid off by this payment }
WITH TempAppliedEntry DO BEGIN
{ search for invoices with 1099 amounts }
SETFILTER(“Document Type”,’%1|%2’,“Document Type”::Invoice,“Document Type”::“Credit Memo”);
SETFILTER(“1099 Amount”,’<>0’);
SETRANGE(“1099 Code”,‘MISC-’,‘MISC-99’); <<<remove the hyphen in the 'MISC-'
Calculate1099Amount(TempAppliedEntry,PaymentEntry,“Amount to Apply”);

For the new year - you should go into each vendor and select the correct MISC code so you dont have the issue next year .

Thanks John.

I will give it a try.