VendBaseData retrieve query contracts?

I am having a bit of an issue… For most reports I am able to look at the report contract and either access the RDP contract or the query contacts and run the queries manually to print the report to XML. Looking at the VendBaseData report the contract does not appear to have either of these and only has the RDL contract and uses the reporting framework which I cannot view. Is there a was I can get the query contracts from the RDL contract or any other ideas?

As far as I know, the report uses VendBaseData query as its datasource. You said you you know how to access these queries, but it’s not clear what problem you have with this particular report.

Thank for you reply. Yes this report seems to be query based but I have so far been unable to access any queries for this report.

I’m sorry, but I there is nothing I can do without a better description of your problem. “Unable to access” can mean many different things with even more causes.