VendAccountStatementInt report

Hi, I have a request to add more criteria on the report VendAccountStatementInt. They want 1 range called CurrencyCode from the table VendTrans. I did suceed adding the new range to report. But the problem is: HOW TO CALCULATE THE AmountCur on the report. Please somebody help! Thanks in adv.

don’t quite understand what the problem is exactly. It is all done in the fetch method in the inner cycle (the query on VendTrans is reset each time and then a range on the new VendAccount added on. I guess you can try to catch the changes of CurrencyCode there and call a programmable section or whatever you need there) But, here is something that might be usefull now and later too.


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Thanks for your response. I’ve already did exactly what you said. The only problem is How to calculate the openning Amount Currency base on the range user entered. I have looked into the vendTable.openBalanceCur() method. But it don’t know how to calculate it base on the range. Do you have any idea?