vend trans form in project module

Hi all

i am new to ax. i have a requirement that i want to create a menuitem button in Project - > Project Details form

for that menu item i have to assign vendtrans form.

but before that i have created projid field in ledgerjournaltrans table(which is the backend table for AccountsPayable->payment journal → Lines.

so wenever the user creates a new payment journal in AP module. In lines form he will enter the Projid(whc s created by me) .

NOw the thing is before posting the journal the record gets stored in the ledgerjournaltrans table. After posting only the record gets stored in vendtrans form.

what i want is to store the projid value in vendtrans table against the same record which the user is posting.

by default all the field values are storing in vendtrans table against the particular record, except projid value.

1.How to bring the projid value in the vendtrans table?

2.In project - > Project details form i want to create a menuitem button for vendtrans form. in that form for the particular projid (selected record) if the user clicks the menuitem button, Vendtrans form should open against the selected record.( Like how it shows the transactions related to the particular vendor in AP->Vendor->Transactions)

Any help will be highly appreciated…

Thanks in advance