Vela Software

My company is oh-so-close to signing the contract with Vela Software out of Atlanta to purchase Axapta with their modules. Does anyone here have any experience with Vela or their add-ons?

Hi Mike, As most of the people who are using this site are Navision professionals employed at various dealers, I don’t think you will get an objective answer here :slight_smile: I would, of course, suggest that you make a deal with the company I represent, and so would others. If you want a more objective opinion, I think you should ask Vela if they can put you in contact with some of their existing customers. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

Thank you Lars. I just thought I would ask. What is more important is that I’m trying to find some resources (books, etc) to help us with the MorphX development environment. Any ideas there? Thanks, Mike Putnam IS/IT Manager Corporate Technology Group

Hello Mike. If you need some info on Morphx then ask your reseller because they should be able to get you some documentation. The book that they should be able to get you is rather small and straight to the point. However, anyone with any development experience should easily be able to use the Morphx environment. However, just like everything - there are a few founding principals which if you learn them upfront will sure make life easier. /Michael