VB6 and Navision, writing a VB app to read Navision Data


I intend to use this post to ask some questions that might help others.

I am current;ly writing a VB6 app to read data from a Navision Databse. The long term aim is to send emails to customers when the status of the data in Navision changes.

The email side is working well, but at the moment I am struggling a little with the opening up a recordset that points at the navison table definded in a system DSN and struggling a big bit with finding out the tables and fieldnames in navision.

I have only got this far in Navision thanks to the excellent help from members of this forum last month and I hope we can continue to work together to provide an idiot’s guide to useng VB6 and Navision.

More on this soon when I have formulated a question that covers exactly what I need to ask. In the meantime, any hints on table name discovery would be great.


Hi, Tom,

Have you seen this one: http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/p/25971/140716.aspx#140716 ? (attached file Navision_Architecture.pdf)

It’s 7 year old doc, not all the content is worth reading now, but look at Chapter 6 - there you can get idea how a “functional area” (what it is, read also there) is built. What tables & forms make every functional area, what are relationships between these tables - all this is described there, and nothing has changed in 7 years in this context. There is a generic schema, and, as table naming is standartized, if you understand one area, you will understand all.

Exact Table & Field names you can look up in Object Designer. The pdf I mentioned will help you to understand WHAT to look for.

Thanks for that, I am currently stuck with "select * from " & tablename not working for me. Any thoughts?



You can use SQL Queries as following

select * from [Test$Sales Line]

Hope this will help you


Tom speaks about Native database & CODBC access, not MS SQL…