VB to read Navision data files

Hi, I need to use VB to read from a Navision datafile. I have been using VB for years and I can do this with SQL Server and Access, Dbase etc but this is my first attempt with Navision and I am stuck. Please help. Tom

What do you consider a Navision data file? If I only read the subject, I would consider that to be a text file created by Navision and stored on the hard disk. However, reading the whole message, it sounds as if you want to access data in a table inside Navision’s database. If your case is the latter, you need to use Navision’s C/ODBC driver which will provide standard (albeit a little reduced) ODBC functionality to applications willing to connect to a Data Source. It can usually be found in the CODBC folder on Navision’s Product-CD. There will also be a PDF-Manual in there and you can search this forum for more information about C/ODBC and its limitations. Good luck.

That’s what I needed, a pointer from someone who knows about Navision. I will go and try to get connected. We do not have the CDs yet as the new system has not been fully installed but the development system is on our network and I will need to be able to have my VB6 stuff able to do a query real soon. Any where I can get the drivers on line if I can’t locate the CDs? Thanks for the help. Tom

VBMan : Here are the alternatives : 1/ Easiest & Cheapest (In terms of development time) : Write a Dataport from Navision which export the data in a flat file. 2/ C/FRONT , this is a Navision API which you can register in VB (it’s on the Navision CD cfront.dll or cfront.ocx) this allows you to connect to Navision from VB and read/insert/modify data (requires the C/FRONT Granule in your customer licence) 3/ C/ODBC, ODBC Driver for Navision which makes Navision available as an ODBC Source (requires C/ODBC Granule in your customer licence) This should get you started, good luck for your project.

Hi, Thanks for that, however I need alittle more help if possible… I want to do this as a stand alone system, the NAvision work is being done by other developers and we would like to have the ability to look at things without involving either asking Navision to export the data or getting the other developers to do anything to the existing system. I can see, and have full adminstrator access to the NAvision files on the lan and I am looking for a way to program VB to read info from them. Tom

vbman With these conditions only option 3 suggested by tarek is available to you. But be aware that there are issues with Navision C/ODBC driver. There are many posts in these forums on the subject.

Is it possible to use SQL Server Option instead of Navision native DB. It would make much more easier for you…