VB.net DLL Registration error...

Dear All ,

I am created one DLL in VB.net framework with below procedure,

a ClassLibrary1.dll is registered in system Registry of that same system where i create classlibrary1.dll,

only the Axapta client in that system is accessing the DLL, but i want to create the dll in one system and register that in any system so that it can be access by all systems , but when it is registered in other systems it shows below error message

->go to run prompt-> regsvr32 classlibrary1.dll ->click enter it shows an error like below

c:\WINNT\system32\classlibrary1.dll was loaded,but the DLLRegisterserver entry poing was not found.

DllRegisterServer may not be exported,or a corrupt version of c:Winnt\system32\classlibrary2.dll may be in memory.consider using pView to detect and remove it.

anybody tell me how i registed that classlibrary1.dll in other system for using other axapta clients.

Creating classlibrary1.dll in vb.net framework:

  1. In Visual Studio, create a project (in my case VB) and choose the
    Template “Class Library”.

  2. Add your declarations and methods as usual. There is no need to
    create a separate interface definition which your class then implements.
    For the purpose of this example the library is called “ClassLibrary1”
    and the class defined is called “Class1” with a single method “method1”

  3. Under Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > Build , check
    “Register for COM Interop” (this will automatically register the
    assembly on your machine). Build the solution.

  4. In Axapta, create a class (Class1 for example) and add the following

// classDeclaration
public class Class1
COM aCom;


// method new
void new()
aCom = new COM(‘ClassLibrary1.Class1’); }

// method method1
void method1()


  1. Then in your other classes in Axapta simply instantiate the class and
    call the method

Class1 myClass1;
myClass1 = new Class1();



use regasm http://www.google.com/search?q=regasm