Hi every body, My client have a different journal for handle VAT in Indonesian. After sales invoice posted, they want the journal automatically like this : Dr. AR 40 Dr. Prepaid VAT 4 Cr. Sales 40 Cr. Vat Out 4 Could navision to produce journal like this? In standard Navision in sales invoice posted, the journal : Dr. A/R 44 Cr. Sales 40 Cr. VAT Out 4 Thanks BR Irene Aruan EBS Indonesia NSC Indonesia

Yes, this is possibele when you set your settings in VAT posting setup: the VAT calculation type on REVERSE CHARGE VAT, you also need to put the following posting acccount in this table REVERSE VAT ACCOUNT.

Hi Daniël I think you’re wrong. See the help for VAT Calculation type field: When you sell goods with reverse charge VAT, you neither calculate nor withhold VAT. When you purchase goods, the program will calculate the VAT amount, debit the purchase VAT account and credit the reverse charge VAT account. And she talks about sales invoice! Greetings from Hungary