VAT Statement in Version 4.0 SP2

Hi Forum, has anyone experienced the following prblem when creating/previewing the VAT Statement in vers 4 SP2.

I started to create the VAT Statement and noticed that regardless of what Type column I specified (Row Totalling or Account Totalling) the Row Totalling field always looked upto the Chart of Accounts. Secondly, I cannot get Totalling to work even though I have specified columns in it such as 20|30 or 20+30 regardless of Type value. The only time it works if if I specify a Type of VAT Entry Totalling with no columns but thats of little use.

Can anyone shed any light? [:’(]

Ah…Just me being an idiot, answered my own question

Just like in “murder she wrote” keeping us all in great suspense! So the answer was??? [:$]

Hi Steve, sorry I was too ashamed to admit to what I was doing…I was entering row totals in the Account Totalling field. Duh!!! [:$]. What an idiot. Just shows you what can happen when you are in a hurry and dont pay attention to what you are doing.

I liked the pictures of young Adam, very nice.

Good to hear from you and when I’m next in Eastleigh I must buy you a beer for all the help you’ve given me in the past. Paul

He is growing very fast! And when you are next around we’ll buy each other one!