VAT Statement and VAT Settlement in NAVISION

Dear Gents,


im trying to post the VAT transaction in VAT Payable account s i go to VAT statements and i go to VAT settlement

in VAT statements i do the following ,

type>>account totaling

account totaling>>i select the VAT sales /purchase account

Gen. posting type>>i selecting sales/purchase

VAT Bus.>>i selecting VAT

amount type>> i selecting amount

then when i click preview its show the same balance in chart of account for VAT sales and VAT purchase , but when i go to VAT settlement and i start putting ending date and posting date and run it the report balance not match with VAT statement balances

so could you help me to solve this issue ,

many thanks


Hi Youssef,

Assume that what you mean is that the settlement report doesn’t balance with the G/L account for VAT?

There could be many different reasons for this. Have you checked that you don’t have any entries which are manually made?