VAT setting in Navision 4.0 SP3

Hi there, I am trying to set up VAT in different country which has different rates. Basically what I want to achieve is to set up the customers and vendors with the VAT posting group for example 21% and General posting group CZ (Czech Republic).

Now I what to place a PO/SO on this vendors/customers that has been set up with CZ VAT rate 21% , however when I choose the G/L 0051000 I expect that this will automatically calculate the VAT but I get a message that G/L is set up as UK STD20.

My question - can the G/L’s account on charter accounts be set up to multiple rates, at the moment this is set up as UK STD20 an if i change this to CZ 21% will work but i need this G/L for all diffrent VAT rates as i have different vendors/customer set up and will really confusing to change all G/L VAT setting every time.

Looking forward for your advise.

Thank you very much.