VAT Posting Error

Dear Folks,

I am seeing an error msg while uploading my Item master which is attached with vendors in it, I am doing this from config package NAV 2013 the error is# VAT Posting setup doesn’t exists VAT Business posting group “” VAT Product Posting group “” ? There is VAT setup already done with 1 business posting group 2 product posting group and mutual business and Product Posting combination too.

Kindly help me on this it’s bit urgent thanks in advance.

You’re trying to import an item export created in another NAV company?
If so, then you also need to synchronize any other code fields included, like the VAT Product and Business Posting groups.
As a workaround (just to import) you could turn off validation of the fields in question. As long as you “fix” the items in question.
If you browse the imported data, then I’m sure you find that some of the VAT codes are missing.

Thank you so much Erik, This worked when I removed the validate fields…