VAT posting Error in NAV2009R2 Indian Localization

Hey all,

I am new to the Indian solution but as I can see the calculation on VAT is the same as in other versions; VAT Business Posting Group and VAT Product Posting Group. I have two problems; problem 1 is in the CRONUS India and problem 2 is in a new Company which is done from the very beginning.

  1. I post a Salesorder with VAT, I check Net and Gross amounts, VAT % in Lines and VAT Base Amount in Lines. After posting there is no VAT entries at all in the G/L Entries.

  2. When i post a salesorder with VAT and (on customer) prices including VAT I get a INCONSISTENT error; which mean that the Debit and Credit amount not match. If I post same salesorder but (customer) prices Excl. VAT, no error. Moreover the funny thing is that if I comment out the CONSISTENT code in Codeunit 12, and post the salesorder and afterworths look at the amounts there is consistency in the amounts. This point 2 could be some rounding setup or something else but have no clue what it could be.

Anybody who can help please. Thanks.

NAV IN version does not use VAT Posting setup. In IN version specific module “Sales Tax” handles all VAT and other sales tax postings. The posted entries goes to “Tax Entry” table and not “VAT Entry” Table.