VAT Calculation (plz help challenging task for me)

Hi Experts,

can i calculate vat amount after excise tax has been calculated.

My requirement is i want to calculate vat% on the amount after all other taxes have been calculated.

For example,

total amount 100

excise 8

other taxes 10

now i want vat to be calculated on 118

I have added the vat to the structure and gave calculation formula as excise + other taxes also still it is calculating VAT on 100 rupees but not 118

how to acheive this.


I am locking this post. You continually fail on my requests to

i) Post in the right forum - this is not a development issue.

ii) Not to double post - this is the same issue as where you have an answer, you have included the answer here and you are stuck on the next step.

Please post in the right forum, please stop double/triple posting, and please learn the software - this is a forum trying to help people, but you seem to need training from the ground up and never try anything yourself - Sandeep gave you the answer (I believe it is a localisation issue) you said it did not work, but my guess is there are many other inputs to configure as well - you need to understand the software, this forum is no shortcut to this understanding.