VAT Amount Scenarios


We a have a scenarios about the VAT amount,We have some transaction that the particular puchase invoice is not VAT Automatic computed base on the set of vat(I mean is diffent VAT Amount not 10% or 12% vat)…So we dicided that we…will use the GL account in purchase invoice line and we will Direct posting to the VAT account… but my problem is if we do that…we dont know if that amount ,will also go to the VAT ENTRY and will show to the VAT REPORTS. …can anyone had same expirience…or Any suggestion…Hoping for your reply…thanks

Create a VAT GL account and configure this in the VAT setup as a FULL VAT account so only entries made enitrely of VAT go here. Ensure on the GL that the VAT posting groups are defined so when you pick them on the invoice they are autopopulated. Think this will work for you.