VAT Amount Line in Invoice

Hi! Has anyone an Idea, how i can modify the Report 206 Sales Invoice, that the VAT Amount Line only is printed, when i have different VAT Percentages. Now its also printed, when the Invoice has Sales Invoive Lines with positive and negative Amounts, this is not important to show the VAT Lines. Thank you, Karin

Hi, Check the code written in OnAfterGetRecord trigger of “Sales Invoice Line” dataitem of report- 206

Hi Karin, Same problem over here (Holland) printing invoices with sometimes 1 and sometimes more VAT percentages. I reworked report 206: the footer of the sales lines, the OnPreSection determines how many different VAT percentages are on the invoice. When there is only 1, I set the text in the footer for instance to “VAT 6%”, or “VAT 19%”. No spec is printed in this case. When there are 2 or more percentages, the text in the footer is set to “VAT” and a spec per percentage is printed through the VAT lines. Determining the number of different percentages is done in the same trigger: first find the lowest percentage, then the highest percentage in the VAT Amount Lines. If min = max you have got 1 percentage. Hope this helps, it’s the same all over in the EU… Rgds, Michiel

Hi Michiel, is it possible to send me your Report 206? Rgds Karin

Hi Karin, Sure, no problem. What’s your e-mail address?

You have to click on E-Mail-Poster, then you can send me an E-Mail. Thanks!