VAT Adjustments

Can anyone help me? How do I make a VAT adjustment Dynamics AX 2012? I need to put an adjustment for mileage Scale Charges. I have been told that you cannot make VAT Adjustment unless they go through a bill process. This surely cannot be correct as all financial packages allow you to make journal entries to make this adjustment.

Thanks in anticipation


Hi Nicky,

Enter a general journal, in the account enter the appropriate VAT general ledger code and in the offset the scale charge account. Go to the “General” tab and select a VAT Code. It is the entry in the VAT Code field which defines the transaction as VAT only.

When posted the GL should reflect the DR & CR to VAT and scale charge and if you look at the VAT postings you will see the full amount as VAT.



Thank you so much, I knew it must be possible despite being told by an “industry expert” that could not be done!

Kind Regards and many thanks