VAT Adjustment Exchange Rates

Hi All,

I’d like to ask a question. When we run the adjust exchange rates batch job and we tickmark the adjust customer, vendor and bank accounts field, the account receivables and account payables of each customer and vendor with foreign currency and posting date between the starting date and ending date that we define in the batch job is adjusted. But it was adjusted by the total account payables of that vendor that is the purchase value excl. vat + the vat.

For example, I have a transaction on 01 Dec 2006 with a vendor at 100 US$ (excl. VAT). It has a VAT at 10%. Thus, the VAT is 10 US$. The exch. rate at that date is (i. e. 1 US$ for Rp. 9000). So the journal is :

Dr Inventory RM 900000

Dr VAT - In 90000

Cr Account Payables 990000

When I run the adjust exchange rates batch job with ending date 04 Dec 2006 and I have an relational adjustment exch. rate amount of 1 US$ for Rp. 9500 at that date, the program adjust the account payables account of 110 US$ that occured on 01 Dec 2006 with rate Rp. 9000 for 1 US$ with the adjustment rate of Rp. 9500 for 1 US$ so the Account Payables account is now become Rp. 1045000.

Now, what I want is the program is not adjust the total 110 US$ account payables account. But I only want to adjust the 100 US$ for the account payables not including the 10 US$ from the VAT. So, the Account Payables what I want after I adjust is become : Rp. 990000 + (100 US$ x Rp. 500) = Rp. 990000 + Rp. 50000 = Rp. 1040000. Not Rp. 1045000.

Does Anybody know how to do this in Navision? Highly appreciate any help. Thanks.



Hi Albert,

Not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Navision is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

Surely you would want the total amount revalued, because at the end of the day this is what you will be paying/receiving.

I assume that a developer would be able to get Navision to ignore any tax element, but depending on the amounts involved - your auditors/accountants may not be very happy.