Varying Costs by Warehouse

Is there any way within Axapta to have the cost (standard cost) of inventory items vary by warehouse? In other words, if the same item exists in two different warehouses, can the inventory in each warehouse have a different standard cost per unit? Thanks, Bruce

Sorry Bruce, [:(] That is an enhancement that is expeceted in V4.0 or later. Currently we do this by tricking the system. We set up multiple companies, do file sharing between them and wrote a little code to look at company specific cost entries on the item table. This is not a easy way to accomplish warehouse level costing but it works. If anyone else has found a better way, please advise. Regards, Jeff

Axapta allows same item to have different inventory value in different warehouses. but it does not allow different standard cost by warehouse within the same company. wonder what is the business scenario behind, some work around may be possible, with the various ways that we can manipulate the cost at month end.