variation in RTC Report.........[W]


While running a report in RTC ,i m unable get proper Result. Does CurrReport.break work in RTC unlike in classic…?

what r the major differences b/w Classic n RTC Reports…?

Thanks in Advance.



What did you and what is not working on RTC?

Hi Mohana,

i m working on Reports check n Stub,which have to print From Financial Mgt–>cash mgt–>payment journals area at a time.every thing fine while running it in the classsic.

Here RTC is the main Villon.i m getting nothing. when i m trying print check Report displyaing nothing,not even Caption.[:’(]

so where is the flaw hidden.Please help…

Thanks & Regards,

Shravan Kumar

Is it a customized report or standard report?

have you done any changes?

yes,it is…!

What is it?

I mean,i have done my own customization.

so you have done changes in RTC layout also?

what did you change?

can you show us the rdlc layout screenshot?

please Go trough the attach ment…
error (2).rar (356 KB)