i am adding 1 screen shot plz evry1 go through it,

here what m i doing is … item importing where i have imported items almost 12 tables except few tables as i failed to import that tables through excel add ins in ax 2012 .

Below i have encircled "Variants suggestions " with RED color . When I click on that variant suggestion button new form opens with items which are basically variants , which ll get created if I say tick on the checkbox in front of that item .(but this is a manual process)

my task is that in the: Product information management>common >products>product masters> there is a buttonnamed Productvariants . when I ckick on that Product variant button den similar form ll open as loaded below in this picture but i need not have to go to variant suggestion button . all the variants encircled in green color should automatically visibal on the portion circled with violet color on the left side of page as the form opens.

the tablesi have not imported till now are EcoResDistinctProduct,EcoResDistinctProductVariant,EcoResProductVariantColor,



n1 have anyidea about this den plz share it with me.

Hey guys ,

after trying whole day I finally imported Variants sucessfully …