Hi I need to be able to set up production orders with a couple of components. Each sales order will be raised with a variant… this is obviosuly carried through onto the production order. However I need is to update the bom lines aswell. Is there a way? Obviously I thought of creating different production boms but I cant specify certain production BOMS against certain variants I would really appreciate any help.

Hi Fleaur, Tried using the BOM versions facility? I feel that will serve the purpose. Regards, DD

Again, IN the case where you can not specify certain BOMS against certrain variants, What is the message that you are getting?Do you mean to say that the system does not allow you to change BOM at line level? If you want to change the BOM for a particular order only than you can click on ITEM-COMPONENTS and change the components required manually over there.It will reflect at the time of posting output or consumption. Regards, DD

Fleur, We’ve done a lot of customization to the database regarding Versions and Variants, so I’m not positive that what I suggest is possible in the “As Issued” Navision. That said, you can create multiple BOM versions as Dharmendra suggests. From the production order line, edit the “Production Bom Version Code”. You’ll probably have to add this field to the table. Keeping the Bom Version and Item Variant the same might be useful here. Then “Refresh” the production order - the Production order will be updated to the selected BOM Version. Note that the BOM version you want must be “Certified”, and refresh does not work after any items have have been picked, or any labor/output has been posted to the Job.

This is a real confussion issue in Manufacturing, since Navision allows you to Output with Variants, but has no actual mechanism to carry Variants through the whole planning process. In reality Variants and Versions should link in together, and you should have a multi dimnesional BOM. It is possible to have many Variants active at any time, but Versions must have only one current version. This variant handling has always been an issue with Navision. Basically SKUs should track the BOM, so that you can have BOM varints, thenhave versions of the Variants. Just another of those “almost there” features. PS I was told in 1997 that this would be released with version 2.01 manufacturing.

Hi Guys, We had made a small change to have a Prod. BOM and Version code on the sales line. THis is linked to the Item Variants table. The user will select the BOM and the Version against the Item variant. So when the Sales Person key in the Item Variant. System will fill in the BOM No. and Version code. WHen Production Order is created the system takes the Sales Line BOM No. and Version.

Sounds like it will work, but I made the mod to the SKU table which I feel makes more sense. Closer to out of the box.

Basically, standard Navision Manufacturing module has not got Variant Configuration feature. That is, you can not define different BOMs for different variants of same item.You need to try various workarounds.