Variant items and sub classes in webshop

Hi there, 1) Is there anyway to define sub classes beside the item class which we already have in webshop? 2) How could we insert selection list for variant items on webpages in webshop?

Answers: 1) Yes, there is. Just add the field with the subclass to the synchronization and modify your asp pages for using it, then create your web templates and your web pages for using those asp files. 2) You just need modifying your asp pages code and using server script for getting the variant items and then displaying them in a selection list. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain Western Computer Los Angeles, California

Hi there, First of all thank you for your reply. As I checked the table SHOP_ITEM, I found no foreign key that may points to a prospect Varient Table, should we add an additional Variant table and alter the SHOP_ITEM table? Regarding Adding sub class I appreciate if you could send me a sample of what you have done before.