Variant filter

Hi I am trying to do the following : Item Card ---->put the cursor on Average cost -----> Flow Filter----> choosing the variant filter ------> It was supposed here to filter on variant code. But I couldn’t … look up on variant filter giving look up to Item variant table —>I entered the item No. then I cann’t see the variant … i wrote it manually … gave me a message it 's already existed … Have you ever tried to work on variant flow ? Or my question : Where we have to use this field in item card … Variant filter Field ?

If you want to filter some calculated value for some filter, you must use FlowField filters… press Shift+F7 on the item card and you will see the list of flowfilters you are able to enter…

hi , thank you kine first . Yes you are right . I’ve tried this on net invoiced quantity(calculated value) . then it works in location filter… but never on variant filter … there must be something wrong in the properties of this field in the item table … Pls try it ? if it works let me know ? Do you consider average cost in the item card form is a calculated value ?

I checked it in Na 3.70 and it works… WHich version of navision you are using (see Help - About Microsoft Business… )?

Hi , I am on V4 … But I ve got it … I have to write the variant code directly in the variant filter … I was using the look up arrow and trying to fill item code and variant : giving me already exist … I think I have to look up directly to choose the variant code . thank you kine for your help … because my problem has been solved upon your help .

Glad to help you…