Variable xxxx has not be declared

Hi Gurus,

I created a C# library project in the VS2010, i can compile it without any issue, then i add the project to the AOT with “Deploy to Client” and “Deploy to Server” configured to “Yes”.

Now i open the AOT, and find this assembly under “AOT->Visual Studio Projects->C Sharp Projects”, then i create a Job try to reference the type in the C# assembly , but i got above error information “Variable xxxx has not be declared”.

Is there any way that i can check if the assembly is deployed on the server or on the client side?

How to make sure that the MorphX X++ editor is referenced that assembly ?

many thanks.


You can verify the deployment by reviewing target folders. You’ll find details in the documentation: Deploying Managed Code [AX 2012].

Don’t forget to restart the client you haven’t done it since the deployment.