Variable Time II

Hello friends¡ I have a little problem. I have an integer variable, call hours, and another integer variable, call minutes. I want assign these variables to a variable time but I don´t know how make it. Can you help me? Thank you¡¡¡¡¡

This is the code: myTime= Time Data Type MyHour= Integer Type HourConv=3600000 //conversion hour->mill. (int type) MyHour=1 myTime:=000000000T+(MyHour*HourConv) Bye

Providing you’d have the Time in Decimal form (such as 9.75) which means 0945T you can use the following function: Function DecimalToTime(d : decimal) : Time; begin IF d = 0.0 THEN EXIT(0T) ELSE EXIT(000001T + (ROUND((d * 3600000 - 1000),1))); end; The opposite (converting a time into a decimal) looks like this: Function TimeToDecimal(T : Time) : Decimal; begin IF T = 0T THEN EXIT(0.0); d := T- 000001T + 1000.0; EXIT(d / 3600000); end; Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872