Variable sizes

Greetings people … I have a situation that I hope one of you might have come accross. My client is in the motor industry and produces pressed parts from metal blanks. We have a field on the item card that specifies how many parts we can get from one blank … say 5. The problem comes in that the supplier sometimes deliver blanks that are longer or shorter than the standard size. so in that case you only get 4 or maybe you get 6 parts out of one blank. This plays merry hell on our inventory figures as well as on the ordering side. Does anyone have an idea how to handle a situation like this? Regards Neels Kriek Navision Service Partner

Hi, Are you using Navision Manufacturing or it is modifyed NF? In NM you should setup BOM as 0.2 blank per pressed part, instead of 5 pressed parts per Blank. And if you have Blanks with different sizes it is better to select independent base unit of measure, as example Square fit and setup BOM say 5 Square fit per pressed part. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.