Variable manufacturing unit of measure

Hi all, Our customer who is in textile industry, weaving carpet, has the following situation; They are weaving carpets 400 cm width and unpredictable length. This means that; at the end of the manufacturing processes they start to roll the carpets, and when any defects sawn, carpets are cut off and start to roll new one. So, Rolls of Carpets put into warehouse with a different lengths (Max length 30m) and our customer wants to see their stock as both rolls and squaremeters.[xx(] Is there any opinion to solve this kind of problem? Thanks in advance for your help Dinçer

Hi Dincer, An IDea: Square meters will be simple if you keep the UOM of the output as Meters only. You will be able to calcualte that. And if you can incoporate Lot numbers:( Ofcourse with a setting that Lot number required only for Output ans warehouse handling, Not at the time of sale): Give a lot number every time the carpet roll is cut off. The number of unapplied lot numbers will be your number of Roles.( this holds good even if the rolls are cut further.Unless the roll is utilised fully, Lot number will still be there.) Regards. DD

Hi Dharmendra, Thanks for your idea, but we have to use lot numbers at the all stages; manufacturing, warehouse handling and sales. Our customers’ sales unit of measure is squaremeters. Also for the salespersons the number of rolls are very important, because they want to arrange their sales orders to load a truck (shipment charges are important for our customer). Thanks for your help, Regards, Dinçer

Hi Its almost as though you will need to record the number of rolls separately and reduce them separately. I do not really see how you can attempt it otherwise as no real relationship exists between the squaremeters and rolls.

Based on your description of the issue I don’t think that using Navision’s standard UOMs will give you the results you want because Navision assumes that there is a fixed relationship between UOMs; ie (1)Roll = 30 Meters, and in this situation they are variable. I suggest that what you need to implement is commonly referred to as “dual units of measure” or “catch weights”.

Hi Rainville, What do you mean buy saying “dual units of measure” and “catch weights” ? You want to say it is impossible to handle this kind of scenerio or something else. I don’t understand, can you explain please? Thanks in advance, Dinçer

They must start then entering two data - roll and sqaremeters. Then Navision would do the calculation - it’s same with gasolene, where you have same cubic meters and diff liters (due to temp. etc) Navision has a field you can fill by code - quantity per unit of measure - you must start tracking this - maybe a new table which will keep track of the roll and it’s UOM relation. Easiest is to use with item (roll :P) tracking because then you can easily find UOM relation. Tõnu