variable in vendor ledger entry form or table

I have material enquiry no field in purchase header table now i want this field in vendor ledger entry how can i achieve this??

i dont want to create new field in the vendor led. table bcoz data will not update for past entries so i thought variable is the best way to bring information to ledger entry but i don`t know the procedure of creating variable in forms or table…pls suggest me how to create variables…

explain me in detail


Create a variable in Vendor ledger entry form. Write a code on Onaftergetrecord on form and put the value in variable and display on form


Create a flowfield in Vendor ledger entry and display the same on form.

What if you have completely invoiced the Purchase Order?

The Order will be deleted and how can you show the values in VLE?

Do you have the same field and value in Purchase Invoice Header etc?

s I have the same field in purch.inv table…

thank u for your valuable reply but I need the syntax for variable …

So better get it from Purch. Invoice header.

If possible add a field in VLE as flow field

or create a global variable in form and get the value from Purch. Inv. header

can u please brief me the creation variable with syntax…:slight_smile:

Please try yourself first and tell us if you have any issues in process…

By looking at your profile I assume you are not technical consultant .It is better you contact your senior or partner for the required changes.