Variable Date Filter

Hi! I have to use a setfilter instruction with a variable “from … to” date filter. how can i do this? thnx sven Edited by - svens on 2001 Mar 09 13:01:03

Hi Sven! Do you have one variable for the range? e.g. DateFilter (Text30) := ‘01.01.01…31.01.01’ Then it should work with Record.SETFILTER(Date, DateFilter); If you use two varibales (i would recommend) e.g. FromDate (Date) and ToDate (Date) then you can use Record.SETFILTER(Date, ‘%1…%2’, FromDate, ToDate); or simply Record.SETRANGE(Date, FromDate, ToDate); Bye, Joerg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

hi! sorry, it was my mistake :slight_smile: i thought, my code was wrong, because the result of the filter was unrealistic. now i checked the values in navision and i saw that all is right. there is a really high value… thnx sven