Var layer to usr layer

I’m new to AX please help me, I made customizations on my developemnt environment into VAR Layer then Exported the project, but when I want import it into the Usr layer… How to do any one tell me

HI Nagulu,

If you have done the customizations in the VAR layer no need to bring the changes in the USR layer, it will automatically reflect the changes to the Lower layers(USR).

If you have done the customizations in the USR, then it wont be effected in the VAR layer, so need to move these changes from the USR to VAR layer.

Hi Nagulu,

Here is one scenario i can tell u…In PO form, one method is there and some customizations are done in that method which is in VAR layer. now in same method , u are doing some customizations in user layer. Now u are importing USRlayer customizations in a VAR Layer Ax, the usr layer changes will be saved into VAR Layer and VAR Layer customizations will be gone.

So, Whenever you are importing XPO’s, dont simply import blindly…Compare the objects and take only the new codes which will shown in blue color…Dont remove the codes which is in red color which will safe for you…:slight_smile:

Thanks and Regards,