value should be displayed dynamically


I have two forms called tax exemption and tax declaration.In tax exemption form we will fill the maximum amount…

when we will open the tax declaration form there the maximum amount should be filled automatically…i.e it should grab the maximum amount from the tax exemption card


have you actually tried to do something, or have you been given a spec and just posted it here hoping that someone will do your work for you whislt you sit and drink a cup of coffee and get the money for the work?

If you don’t know where to start, then you must work with a senior developer in your company and have them show you what to do. Your employer shoudl have sent you to training classes, and provided in house support for you. If they have not, then they should not be a NAV partner, and should have their status removed and be banned form working with Navision.

If you are working on the project, and got an error message or got stumped at some point, then go ahead and post the error or ask the question. But simply expecting the forum to do your job for you is not helping anyone. Especially not your customer.