Value of ROUND parameter in Purchase Invoice entry


When attempting to input the first Purchase invoice for Rent in Nav 9 I entered the Type as G/l and when I input the G/L Account Code the error message ‘Value of ROUND parameter 2 is outside of the permitted range. Current value is 0’ immediately popped up.

Any suggestions as to what needs to be amended?



Have you set your Rounding Precisions on the General Ledger Setup ? My guess they are set as zero.

Thanks for the reply, but it doesn’t resolve the issue.

The G/L rounding IS set to 0.01 and I have had no problem entering opening General Journals, and on the Sales Invoice side, I can use a Type as G/L and it accepts the G/L Code.

It’s only using the Purchase Invoice entry that, after setting the Type to G/L that it immediately gives the error message when putting in a G/L code (and it does it to all G/L codes).


Have to tried turning on the debugger to find where the round error is coming from. It might be the Unit-Amount Rounding Precision which is tripping you up which is not displayed on the G/L setup card.