Value of Report to be transfer to Form Control


My requirement is :

I have 2 values in a report, now i want to show that 2 values on Form Control…

is it possible?


in report i hv Cr Amount & Dr Amount, now on opening the customer form i want that two values on Customer form control.

please me guide how to achive that?

We have debit amount and credit amount fields in customer master u can show those fields on master

Dr & Cr Amounts were examples, values which i want are saved in Variables. I want to show that variable values.

Well, disregard of what those variables and their values are, If you have developer license then two solutions that comes come in my mind are:

  • If calculation of those two variables’ values in your report are simple: you could create two flowfields in Customer table and in CalcFormula property of these new fields add code to generate the same result as you report, or
  • if formulas are complicated, then add two normal fields and call your report (eliminate the section part) just to let that report update these new fields for the current Customer record when you open the form or when you navigate between the records!