Value Entry table data deleted


149 value table records are deleted.It will create the problem when i run the Periodic activities.

Please give the solution for this problem. At the same time i have no backup data for those value entry records.



You’re right, this is not good. I really don’t have any solution to you, if you don’t have a backup!

How did they get deleted?

What version?

Depending on the type of entry (actual or expected cost) and the settings of “Expected Cost Posting” and “Automatic Cost Posting” you may be able to work backward from the GL and reconstruct the entries. This is something that will require a developer familiar with the posting process. Be prepare for $$$$$$$. Consider this an expensive lesson in maintaining proper backup procedures.

My best guess is that this has been done with a developer license - otherwise this would not be possible.

So actually the company which let the customer run on a developer license is repsonsible for this problem and should solve it without charge. Even though this is a complicate task and restoring the entries from a backup would make life easier.


Now comes an opportunity to find a good solution to this problem. Good luck.

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