Value Adjustment Entries

Hi All,

When I am trying to post a Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice or a Credit Memo, a screen appears as Adjusting value entries and it runs for a long period. It is adjusting value entries for all the items and it takes a long period. For the above Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices and Credit Memos, no items are selected.

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Go to Inventory Setup and check for field

Automatic Cost Posting whether it is check mark

A check mark in this field indicates that the program will use the Automatic Cost Posting function.

If you use this function when posting items to an item account, the program will automatically post to the inventory account, adjustment account and COGS account in the general ledger.

You can uncheck this field so it will not post inventory adjustment while transactions

Hi Amol,

Thank You for your response. Non of the entries we are trying to post are related to Inventory related accounts. And the check mark was there in the system in the Inventory setup for a quite a few time now. Only from today it is taking this much time.

If they are not related to Inventory, what kind of adjustments are you then talking about?