Valorized Master Planning

Hi everybody!!

Exists in AX 2012 the option of having the production plan for the (lets say) next 15 days valorized? To know what the total cost would be in that period?

Hi Hector

The standard tool provided for the total cost is Master Planning - Inquiries - Statistics - Item Requirement Statistics. This is the raw material consumption, so not sure if that meets you needs.

I think this is what I need… but when running the report, I selected in Summation=Cost amount, but nothing shows up in the column Cost amount. I even run a Recalculation process for one of the items, but still nothing… any suggestion?

Got it!

It comes from Product information management\Released products, Manage costs section.

Since you have Price update-Latest cost price checked so the cost is updated, and a cost price in the Price field, it will sow up in the column.

Thanks AdamRoue