In Humanresources module for workers i added language tab this functionality is when i am selecting a employee(Ex::123) i like add what languages he knows for ex Hindi English French He Knows I will Add for same employee if i add again english it will gives me error it works based on index for language Id but i faced problem when i am selecting Another employee(Ex:::124) if add english it give me error(english is already added) .i dont ant error when adding english for another employee only it will give particular employee while i was adding twice english can u just give me suggestion for this

Your unique index should have another field apart from the language. The index should be defined on employee (or any reference) and the language.

Hi Kranthi

Thanks for your reply,i was taken employee field in language table,but the problem is apart from previous employee taken languages for ex:: in table level :: i added 4 languages 1.english 2.hindi 3.tamil 4.french 5.kannada

1…in that 5 employee oo1 select english and hindi if again next language if english i was selected it will throw error

2… if employee 002 again he select any language in above 5 languages

this is the two functionality i want for this i was taken new table in that i added fields language id and person i gave the index for language id it works fine for while selecting multiple records sam it throws error but when i select same language for another employee it will gives me error(here i dont want error/) can u guide me please its very critical for me

Your index should have two fields, language id and person.

Hii Kranthii

Thanks for ur Suggestion its working U r rocking man,thank you so much,u really great… :slight_smile:

hi kranthi

I had requirement Uploading Employees / Dependents Photos,uploading Employees / Dependents photos. Attachments to be uploaded to the system automatically in Ax2012, as it has to be done on the system directly. How can we achieve this requirement can u please if any standard One is der for this? Can u please gave me suggestion its urgent for me

You can use document handling(

What do you mean by automatically?

Hi Kranthi

i hav a form adminstatus its having a field admin status(enum) this enum 3 elements (1.pending 2.employed) i attached workflow for this screen when ever i am approving record this admin status field need to be updated as employed

the sam field look up in main worker form also when approve the record its updated in admin status form but its not updated in main worker form

please give me a suggestion for when my record goes approved the field updated in another form also

Hii Kranthi,

When I Opening My Ax instance I am getting these errors can u please guide me how to rectify it,

Inline image 1