Validation for no gap in a real field

Hi All,

I have to check that the values entered in the form grid doesn’t contain any gap.

For instance: I have 2 real fields which are:

From TO

0 20

20 40

40 –

It shouldn’t allow user to enter 25 after 1st record, the user must enter 20.

Where and how should I write to achieve the same.

The data source for this form is temporarily , so the user must press save button, then only entered date got inserted the date in main table…

One way is, when a new record is created get the last record(order by RecId) to find its To value and update the same in the From Value of the newly created records(Stop allow the user to manually enter the from value) - You can put this logic in the create method of the form data source.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for replying.

How user will enter the first From value?? Can you please give me some sample code?


Thanks Kranthi.

Issue resolved :slight_smile: