Validating amount field


I’m haing an amount field in my table,i want to validate this amount field…i.e…it should allow the user to enter only numbers…and no other characters can be entered…

please help.



Well, if you have made this right and have set the Integer based data type for the field in table, you cannot enter anything else anyway…! Actually you can enter, but try it out yourself and see what happens - it will convert it or absolutely ignore and clear your entered value from the field.

Thanks Janis ,for the help. But my actual sceniaro is i have developed a page in Enterprise Portal and i dispaly the amount field in the page,but as you said i’ve decleared the field as “real” and have set its EDT property to “AmountMST”.It does’nt allow me to proceed to the nxt page whn i click ‘ok’,if i’ve entered aphabets…but it does’nt prompt me error…

i want the error to be dispalyed…how can i do tis

You didn’t mention that this is Enterprise Portal. Things are much different there…

Check if there isn’t an option to replace your Dynamics AX EP field with some ASP standard field which might have more advanced features! This is what I did in another scenario to get more propeprties and control options for a data field in EP - I deleted the original AX field which was generate automatically and put on the standard ASP type field instead, managed all the initial values and readings for that field separately in “page load” methods and “record saving” methods. So in the end it works just like AX EP field, but has more properties and features than the AX field.

I don’t have valid EP installation at the moment to play around with that scenario, so I gave you just an idea were you can look for.