Hello, Lets say that I want to reference a field in the current record how do I do this for example in Navision it would be rec.Address where rec is current record and address is field I am interested in. many Thanks


Hi Henry

I m not able to get u properly, but if u want to refer to any particular field from table.

U can do, the same as u wrote


Let say, u have an object reference “rec” of table CustTable, and u want to refer to field “name”, then use to refer to field name of custTable

may be it will help u…

Thanks, lets say I have a record displayed on a form, how do I reference that particular record ??

Hi Henry,

Let say, u hav a form with datasource “CustTable” named as “CustTable_1”, then if u want to refer any field from the current datasource,

write as ., ex.

Hope, thats’ all u needed…