Validate skips decimal field?

i’m trying to put remaining amount from cust. ledger entry into Gen. Journal Line. All is inserted correct exept the decimal field remaining Amount. Cant find out why? utl is global varable gen.journal line as record. utl.VALIDATE(“Line No.”,nextline); utl.VALIDATE(“Journal Template Name”,Std); utl.VALIDATE(“Journal Batch Name” , Std); utl.VALIDATE(“Account Type”,1); utl.VALIDATE(“Account No.”,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Customer No.”); utl.VALIDATE(utl.“Posting Date”,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Posting Date”); utl.VALIDATE(utl.“Document No.”,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Document No.”); utl.VALIDATE(“Applies-to Doc. No.”,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Document No.”); utl.VALIDATE(utl.Description,‘Postering av avbet.’); utl.VALIDATE(utl.Amount,“Cust. Ledger Entry”.“Remaining Amount”); utl.MODIFY:=TRUE; I’m running NAV 3.70A Native Sincerely, ocr

“Remaining Amount” is a flowfield so before you use it in code you need to have… “Cust. Ledger Entry”.CALCFIELDS(“Remaining Amount”);