Validate Sales Orders


I have this error when I try to validate sales invoice in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Can you tell me what is causing this.

May be It is External Doc No 4854 is Already Exists you try posting…


I verified and it 's not External Doc No. It is the Entry No. in table No 32 (Item Ledger Entry).

In this table the last number save is 4583.


What exactly you are try to doing ? What is meant by validating invoice ?

Are you trying to import the invoice from some external source ?


I try to validate (see attachment) and when I click on the submit button, I get the error message shown above.

IS there any customization ? Kindly check with partner or somebody change anything in data ?

I guess that somehow two or more Item Ledger Entries are generated. Assembly, perhaps? Or a modification, as Amol says?

I think more than one entries are generating with the same Entry No. in item Ledger entry table.

Is there any customization for this ?


Thanks for your answer.

I do not think so.

Attached the appropriate forms.
Page_Item Ledger Entries_Sales Order.fob (137 KB)

I have the same thing!
How do you fix this?

Excuse my scepticism, but I would rather agree with guys assuming some customization here. This text does not look like a standard NAV error message to me. Here is what happens when you really try to insert a duplicated record into table Item Ledger Entry


Platform-generated message should contain the table caption and the list of primary key fields in the duplicated record.